Rendered Products

  • At our processing facility in Mulberry, we receive and convert Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into Yellow Grease, a commodity traded product.
  • We maintain strict control over our raw material quality to ensure the highest value finished products to the various markets we serve.
  • Florida By Products finished products include:

    >>Stabilized Feeding Fat to the animal feeds industry

    >>Burning Oil used as a feedstock to the Bio-Fuels industry 

    >>Yellow Grease as a raw material base to the Oleo chemical industries

Unique Fresh Oil Delivery System

  • Safe Fryer Oil Handling
  • Better Food Taste
  • Eliminates Plastic
  • No Residual Oil Loss
  • Happier Kitchen Staff

Oil Delivery Side by Side Comparison – “Typical Process Currently Being Used vs New Process Using Oil Delivery/Pickup System.

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