Used Cooking Oil Collection and Processing

  • We employ the latest design in theft deterrent tanks with capacities ranging from 50 to over 400 gallons. Also offer rust proof molded poly tanks that are ideal for coastal locations.
  • We offer routine scheduled container maintenance ensuring a clean and neat appearance of the container.
  • Rebates offered for used cooking oil collected based on volume and quality of oil and minimum quantity per stop is met.
  • Courteous and uniformed service technicians providing an unequaled level of service to our business clients.

Indoor Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Services provided in a limited area, please contact office for availability.

Outdoor Grease Interceptor Pumping

  • We provide exceptional service for grease interceptors whether 500 or 3,000 gallon capacity.
  • Fully registered with all governing agencies and provide manifest reporting as required by ordinance.
  • Our two compartment trucks offer effective separations between water, grease and solids allowing significant savings to the restaurant operator where allowed by code.
  • Services performed between 12 – 6 AM to prevent any disruption to your business activity.

Line Jetting Services

  • Florida By Products offers line jetting services for effective cleaning of underground piping
  • Two hour minimum fee applies and time is portal to portal
  • Call for availability in your area

Edible Oil System

  • Our oil is delivered in drums that are on wheels for easy moving.
  • Our custom waste oil containers allow for the disposal of the waste oil indoors.
  • On site delivery and pickup system.
  • Problem and issues prevention.
  • Specialized customer service.
  • No charge for equipment/ No long term contracts.
  • This Edible Oils system is unique in all ways.

Click Here for more information on Edible Oil System.

Edible Oil Information Highlights

EOS/ FBP Cost Savings

  • Residue Oil loss in plastic containers.
  • Longer lasting oil = less purchase per year.
  • Instant credit for waste oil using our system.
  • Eliminates cost of trash removal and trash bins.
  • Reduction in risk of injury—less workman comp claims.
  • Faster oil changes for fryers—saves on employee time.
  • All equipment free—maintained by EOS/FBP.
  • No long term contracts- We stand behind our oil.